Dewar for rent – Lab 4 – Medical

$20.00 / month

This dewar is excellent for space conservation.  It only lasts around 2 weeks with  little usage, but if space is a premium, consider this dewar to put on the counter.   Expect to see your cryo delivery guy  little more often.

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  • Superior vacuum performance and insulation provide maximum holding times
  • Sealed vacuum space between inner and outer shells
  • Outer shell is constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum

Vacuum space is filled with technologically advanced insulation. Necktube core minimizes liquid nitrogen losses.

Optional roller base lets you easily move larger capacity storage Dewars. Sturdy cast-aluminum frame has five wheels with ball-bearing swivel casters.
This 4 liter capacity pitcher-style dewar is ideal for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen. A side handle enables safe pouring.

Product Type Dewars
Volume (Liters) 4
Dimensions (” OD) 7.6
Dimensions (” ID) 1.2
Neck ID 1.2
Static holding time 10 days
Evaporation 0.40 L/day
Brand Taylor-Wharton
Qty/ea 1
Dimensions (” H) 17





When you return the rental, please use your carrier of choice and return to:

N2 Rentals
801 W 33rd St., 5156
Edmond, OK   73083-5156

  • Email the tracking number to so we are aware the shipment is in transit.
  • Please DO NOT REQUIRE A SIGNATURE from the carrier.
  • If your rental is received within five days of the automatic payment, a refund will be issued.

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