What kind of liquid nitrogen dewar are you looking to rent?

Vapor Shippers: These unique dewars are for transporting biological samples in a controlled container safe for travel via car, carrier, or even air. They are equipped with an absorbing material that soaks up the liquid allowing for safe travel.

Main Purpose: Shipping/Transporting
Volume: 3-5 Liters
Static Hold Time:13-23 days

Dewars/Sprayers: These open top dewars are for storing and using liquid nitrogen for longer periods of time. Common uses include science projects, culinary research, bearing shrinking, and more. Liquid within the dewar is easily accessed by pouring or using a ladle.

Main Purpose: Research/Fun/Projects
Volume: 4-30 Liters
Static Hold Time: 3-20 weeks

Sample Storage: These dewars are basically specialized dewars that have stainless steel color coded canisters that hold samples and are easily accessed.  Sample storage dewars can be used to hold racks of boxes or the canisters can hold canes for 1/2 cc straws.

Main Purpose: Biological Storage
Volume: 11-45 Liters
Static Hold Time: 7-18 weeks