Brymill: Liquid nitrogen sprayer for food

$60.00 / month

This cryogun is perfect for chefs in the molecular gastronomy scene. Rent this cryogun to spray liquid nitrogen on food for a flash freeze and awesome effects.  This is our only cryogun that is able to be used for the food industry.   Instead of dipping the food in the nitrogen, now you can spray it to make it form to shape, let your imagination run wild!

*This unit does not come with liquid nitrogen.  Static hold time is 4 hours.


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Brymill has finally added an industrial cryogun that is able to spray nitrogen for all other purposes besides medical and veterinary.  Now you can spray your food with nitrogen, instead of dipping it in liquid.  By spraying it, it can maintain it’s shape!

We at Cryoccessories are calling it the “Gastronomy Cryogun”.

Here is are the specifics from BRYMILL.

The CRYOGUN includes one each of the “A”, “AX”, “B”, and “C” spray apertures. It is manufactured with a progressive valve offering precision accuracy of liquid nitrogen spray. Each unit also carries a three-year warranty covering parts and labor. *Please note that this system does not come with liquid nitrogen in it. You will need to contact your local medical gas supplier to have it filled.


    • Cryogun – 10 oz Industrial LN2 Sprayer
    • A bent spray extension
    • A insulated straight spray extension with “AX” orifice
    • A insulated spray extension with side “AX” orifice
    • A broad spray extension
    • A broad spray tip.


*With the 12+ month rental length, we will assure you always have a working unit on hand. If the vacuum fails, we will ship it to Brymill and have it fixed, if a tip breaks, we send a new one.  The 12+ month rental is basically no deductible insurance for your cryogun!




When you return the rental, please use your carrier of choice and return to:

N2 Rentals
801 W 33rd St., 5156
Edmond, OK   73083-5156

  • Email the tracking number to so we are aware the shipment is in transit.
  • Please DO NOT REQUIRE A SIGNATURE from the carrier.
  • If your rental is received within five days of the automatic payment, a refund will be issued.

Email us at

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