Brymill Withdrawal System


Withdraw liquid nitrogen easily while conveniently filling multiple Cry-Ac® units simultaneously using Brymill’s liquid nitrogen withdrawal device. It permanently affixes to the top of the dewar and features a faucet-like on/off control that makes the process simple. It also includes a filter to clean the LN2 prior to withdrawal.

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1. Ensure the pressure vent is Open – (turn the handle counter-clockwise).

2. Slowly insert the Withdrawal Devise into the Dewar and maintain a firm downward on the top of the of the valve assembly so the Plug makes a good seal in the neck of the Dewar.

3. While maintaining downward pressure on the top of the Withdrawal Device, hook the four (4) individual hooks into the handles of the Dewar.

4. Close the pressure vent by turning clockwise. The vent must be closed to allow pressurization.

5. It may take up to six (6) hours to build up sufficient pressure to withdraw liquid nitrogen through the valve assembly.


1. Position the bottle under the filtered delivery tube ensuring the filter is below the neck of the bottle.

2. Open the main valve and Liquid Nitrogen will begin to flow.

3. Close the main valve once the required amount of Liquid Nitrogen has been dispensed. For optimum performance of your Cryogenic Spray Unit it is recommended to fill to 75% of the capacity of the bottle only. .





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